Paurush Sonkar, the Founder and CEO of Stallions Capital, discusses his success story, mastering the fundamentals of investment banking and progressing on to a powerful domain!


  • Take us through the highlights of your life and career journey up to where you are now?

             Paurush, a curious and dedicated individual, entered the business world back in 2004. Having worked with multiple financial companies over the years,                 he  states, I fortunately gained knowledge in 2 core areas; financial services & digital marketing. This is during the times when the internet was a new               topic  to most. This has held me in good stead as both these areas are key pillars of the economy. Paurush subsequently pursued the start-up                             mentoring, funding and VC space, way back in early 2017. He explains, “I’m glad at having made that decision. Not only do I get an opportunity to interact                     with founders of varied backgrounds but I have also mastered the art of evaluating & investing in start-ups, whilst finding them reliable investors”.



  • Approaching the Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA region), what obstacles had you had to overcome whilst approaching start-ups? Enlighten us on the MENA region from a start-up perspective?

        Appreciating his journey all along, Paurush states, “I must acknowledge that it has been a super smooth journey and I was lucky to get adequate assistance from            regulatory / governing bodies in the UAE”. Paurush goes on to state that the Dubai government’s policies for businesses & start-ups are a global benchmark,            and confidently states, “It is the most start-up friendly government ever and the initiatives they undertake to make start-ups feel comfortable are of par excellence”.          With Paurush’s astute understanding, he describes the global positioning of the Dubai Government in the corporate arena to be brave and that of a                        challenger, considering the dynamic vision of the Leaders. He states, “The rulers & the government with their policies have made Dubai the bedrock of                            innovation  across sectors”. He continues, “The crypto currency sector has been booming rapidly and areas such as Web 3.0, Metaverse and many other rising                  start-up genres call Dubai Home! The infrastructure is outstanding & the location is just perfect to set-up base and expand globally. Remember Dubai is the gate-                way to the world!”


  • Extracting this line from the Stallions Capital website, “Every transaction is personally managed from end-to-end by our experienced team that brings with it a deep commitment to the success of the concerned parties”, explain the significance of this statement, in order to keep clients interested and engaged in investment?

             Interpreting the true essence at Stallions Capital via this statement, Paurush goes into further detail on his viewpoint, that company founders need to be               supported at every turn of their journey, from fundraising to GTM strategy, pricing model, business model and a lot more! He states, “At Stallions Capital                 we dedicate a lot of effort and time to ensure that the Founders get it, right before we get them onto our global network of investors”. Paurush emphasises how               Stallions Capital deviates from the standards of generally providing paid services. “I must mention how these services are offered at no charge unlike the                       conventional model used by some accelerators. We believe that this is our way of giving back to the start-up fraternity, building great start-ups and value for the                 long term. We work with start-ups that call Dubai home and see this as a great value creation across stakeholders”.


  • The start-up sector is booming globally. What made you consider Dubai as a base for Stallions Capital?

         When reflecting on his choice of making Dubai the hub of Stallions Capital’s operations, Paurush mentions the city’s exceptional importance! He answers,             “This is an easy one, but if I were to answer it to my heart’s content, it would take me hours to explain my love for Dubai! Keeping it simple, I believe Dubai                            strengthens the fundamentals of a business environment. Comparing my geographical experience, I can confidently assure you that I have never witnessed such an            energetic approach in any of those countries. The world-class infrastructure, the absolute contentment in engaging in business, the global representation of diverse            nationalities and the access to a huge talent pool of young minds & experienced people, can never be undermined! I also cherish the ample sunshine and the                      soothing winters, to add that extra balance to one’s lifestyle”. Paurush is also certain that Dubai and the UAE citizens are given the highest degree of safety                  and security, which plays a significant part in empowering people to focus on their jobs!


  • Could you elaborate a bit on the Investor network built by Stallions Capital?

        Paurush outlines the qualities of Dubai’s ambiance while focusing on the thriving stakeholders connected to Stallions Capital! “The UAE is home to some of            the finest family offices. Meanwhile, the domestic arm, the international presence and the enriched diversity has been a great influence on us. At                        Stallions Capital we work with a mix of VC’s and family offices. Beyond the UAE, we have a network of investors from other geographies who do not want          to miss out on the UAE start-up ecosystem, which has taken off at a breakneck speed”, Paurush adds. Before on-boarding an investor at Stallions Capital,            according to Paurush, a few key factors are taken into consideration. He adheres firmly to the notion that the relationship between them and their                          investors  must be sincere and open, reinforcing shared vision, respect for the founders, a truthful portrayal of value, and most importantly continues an              extended bond with Stallions Capital. We work for the longer run, and not to take quick exits. As I always say, great brands & companies don’t get built              overnight. It takes dedication and time!


  • Stallions Capital being a well-established company, what plans do you hold for the future? Enlighten us on how Stallions Capital hopes to upscale business to the next level within the MENA Region?

             Paurush takes pride in thriving through the MENA region; it entails a grouping of nations positioned in and around the Middle East and North Africa.                       Stallions Capital, maintaining a keen interest in exploring the MENA region, has embraced their services wholeheartedly. Paurush elaborates, We have                 our hands full considering the in-flowing deals. Our unrivalled services have expanded our operation towards a global network of investors. Like they                 all say, we are building more!”.  Defining the future of Stallions Capital, Paurush expresses his interests in two tertiary markets; Pakistan and Turkey,                     whilst also transitioning from MENA focused to MENAPT focused. We have started building our relationships with the founders in Turkey and                               Pakistan.  These companies are of significant brilliance, they are like hidden gems waiting to be discovered!”, Paurush states. He also outlines Stallions               Capital’s future goals, which include diversifying and expanding to other continents. Our sole aim is to position Stallions Capital as the UAE’s No. 1 I                     nvestment Banking firm, offering in-depth coverage across the MENAPT region”, says Paurush.


  • Beyond work what keeps you ticking and engaged?

         The common quote goes, ‘Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create’. An enthusiast at heart, Paurush maintains the perfect equilibrium             of work and life, taking time to indulge in things that matter. Concluding his statement, he shares a glimpse of his lifestyle stating, Dubai is all about an                  active lifestyle and a perfect blend of finding time from work for oneself. I work only 4 days a week and that gives me ample time to tend to my garden,            walk my dog, host BBQ evenings in the winters and participate in my weekly Golf sessions”.